Allowing Peace vs. Pursuing Happiness

After decades of pursuing success, I’ve decided I’d much rather have peace.
Peace inside and peace around me.

Someone could say that that’s just how I define “success” and I say “no”.
Success is something you pursue.

To find peace, you have to stop pursuing and instead let it come to you.

Isn’t Peace part of Happiness?
I think not, because I can be sad and still allow myself to be at peace while being sad.
This doesn’t mean I want to be sad, just that I don’t feel the need to pursue happiness.

When I originally wrote this, I wrote “find peace”, but because of my Highly Verbal nature, I would prefer not to use the term “find” because that is also a kind of pursuit - as if the peace wouldn’t be there if we didn’t look for it. Rather, peace is our default state - we just have to learn to stop disturbing it.

Result of Alicing in Wonderland on this IG post by Fran Liberatore (@bigmothering).

Originally posted on Facebook, Nov 30, 2023 and Dec 1, 2023