Both of you have to Stop Talking!

Sometime in 2023, my wife and I were having an argument in our living / dining area - our voices were getting louder and more aggressive at every exchange.

And then Sahil comes out of the bedroom and says, quite assertively, “Look, for this to stop, both of you have to stop talking”.

I looked at him and thought to myself “he understands the value of a cease-fire, even if he perhaps doesn’t know the word”, and said “Sahil, you are right.” and piped down.

Except, our egos being what it is, I had to have the last word. So I said something - probably something passive-aggressive. And then Dileepa said something back. And I said something again - the argument was low-key starting up again.

And again Sahil comes out of the bedroom, and assertively (again) states “For this to stop one of you has to leave this room”

And I remember thinking that he also understands conflict-deescalation beyond a ceasefire… I left the room, and then both of us had time to settle down.